This project was conceptualized to focus on people who make their living but are hardly seen and almost always taken for granted. This work is concerned with the informal sector, especially individual vendors. Mapuca market is full of inspiring people with their astute sense of entrepreneurship and at times baffling innovations. This they do despite the lack of adequate facilities or for that matter any institutional support. Mapuca market thrives on the spirit of such ordinary people who carry on their trade in spite of all odds.

Story Board 1Story Board 2


Although the focus of the art project was on real life character, the story itself took a creative liberty to have been told by the marigold flower. The story traces a day in the life of the flower and her muse, the flower vendor, Trupti. The drawing recreates the ‘atmosphere’ of the mapuca market as much as it asserts the superhero efforts put in by the central protagonist-the flower vendor.




Created by
Vanessa Desa
on Friday, September 20, 2013