Three short films

As I was near the Pao market in Mapusa, this sound suddenly became apparent to me and I was attracted to it, it is the sound that the sugarcane juicer makes, these machines run all day and the sound is the result of a bell attached to the fly wheel. Daily, these machines start and end with the market. So, I saw in them and their continuous ringing, a metaphor for the nature of the market, they work all day and like the market the ringing is relentless.

There are 8 of these machines spread across the market and these machines although far apart and irrespective of each other, it is true that they are always ringing together. Similarly, the bustling market is happening with innumerable exchanges, meetings, accidents, conversations, coincidences occurring all at the same time. This idea of simultaneous happening has been illustrated in the film “Simultaneous”.

I made 3 short films focussing on the movement of these beautiful machines.

Created by
Stanzin Losal
on Saturday, January 18, 2014