Poder, then and now

The mural created with charcoal and chalk (which still remains on the wall of the entrance of the Mapusa market, thanks to some hair spray) depicts the traditional Goan bread-seller, the ‘poder‘, and his evolution over the years – from the days when he used to come walking with a basket and a bamboo staff, to current day where he comes on a scooter or even cars and vans to deliver the Paos in some areas.

I believe much of the bread in the traditional bakeries is still made in wood fired ovens (bhattis) though other aspects of the process have got mechanised along the way like the dough, which may be made in an electric mixer.


Getting the bread out of the furnace  Preparing the furnace

Applying bran to the 'Poli'  Machine for mixing flour


Created by
Jessica Ewert Meghna Pote
on Saturday, December 28, 2013
Team Members:
Salil Konkar,