One Day Project: #100RupeeChallenge: Vanessa Desa

The 100 Rupee Challenge is a playful one day orientation project . Participants were given a budget of Rs.100 to spend on products in Mapusa market. At the end of the day we discussed each of the peculiar, odd and famliar objects in the context of Mapusa Market, so as to look at and talk about the market in a new, insightful and playful way.

In this exercise we had to pick up items, worth of a hundred rupees that interest us.
Moira bananas, that would make for a delicious breakfast.
Grams, brought back childhood memories
Eye catching trinkets like keychains and a toy bird would surely distract any child.

Created by
Vanessa Desa
on Sunday, September 22, 2013
Team Members:
Vanessa Desa,