One Day Project: #100RupeeChallenge: Tabashir

The 100 Rupee Challenge is a playful one day orientation project . Participants were given a budget of Rs.100 to spend on products in Mapusa market. At the end of the day we discussed each of the peculiar, odd and famliar objects in the context of Mapusa Market, so as to look at and talk about the market in a new, insightful and playful way.


So it begins, a casual walk through the market, evidence of Ganpati celebrations; its the last day I hear. The task is to purchase for a sum of Rs. 100/- items that symbolize the market personally to me. As we walked the group scattered and I found myself distracted by stories and peculiarities of the market narrated by my walking companion who was already involved in his own in depth fact-finding project on Mapusa market.  I immediately know I want to buy these ‘nazar’ (evil eye) dolls, that Ive always fancied buying here but never ended up so far. Great. An hour passes by we have stopped for chai at a place i often stop for chai opposite the bread section.

Anyhow, we have walked some more meandering through the flower section, fruits, bakery, stuff and then its time to show and tell and I’ve realized that I’ve lost track of the exercise. I pull out things I have bought for myself;

Nazar (evil eye or quite literally, ‘the look’) dolls @ Rs. 20 each. I should have bargained here. They’re handmade in Belgaon, Karnataka and do the usual universal work of keeping the evil intenders at bay. I bought them because they’re cute.

I always buy the big poi bread from the Mapusa bakery section. As a rule. Rs. 5 each.

Gajra, everytime of course. Rs. 10 each

The market was flooded with Avocados. I love avocados. They’re from Karnataka and available at every fruit seller around the Shakuntala statue. Rs. 40 a piece or Rs. 100 for a kilo.

I got hungry. These are a beef patty and a half eaten chicken patty from Louisiana stores. Rs. 10 each.

And finally a Ganpati Lottery. Way over budget, but what the heck. I love this market.




Created by
Tabashir Zutshi
on Sunday, September 22, 2013
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