One Day Project: #100RupeeChallenge: Prashant

The 100 Rupee Challenge is a playful one day orientation project . Participants were given a budget of Rs.100 to spend on products in Mapusa market. At the end of the day we discussed each of the peculiar, odd and famliar objects in the context of Mapusa Market, so as to look at and talk about the market in a new, insightful and playful way.


Prashant Falari bought these bananas because they are exclusively found in mapusa market. They used to come from nearby village called moira but nowdays they are brought from Menkurey and Ibrahumpur. Nowdays similar type arrives from Karnataka and it is difficult to distinguish between the two varieties. Hence it is only on the trust of the seller a genuine purchase can be made. It would be interesting to master the skill required in distinguishing the two varieties of bananas.So also would be interesting to explore as to what makes these bananasellers stick only to this business and not include other fruit varieties along with it.

Created by
Prashant Falari
on Thursday, August 22, 2013
Team Members:
Prashant Falari,