Meat Market Move

The meat market at Mapusa market is located a the far end of the market and is made up of two floors of beef, pork, chicken and mutton butchers.
We heard that the Meat Market was moving to a new swanky complex across from it and the old meat market was to be converted into a car park! Although bummed by this demolition news, we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to document the structure and the occupants and the stories before it fades from memory.
Considering that the structure is rather old, next door to a running sewage way and not the most inviting area of the market, we felt that the butchers would be crazy happy at the news of the move to this new clean modern building.
The reality though was a little different and gave us a peek into complexities of organizing a space for people with diverse religious beliefs to share. And also the huge role 'meat' currently plays in people's identity of themselves.

Created by
Nash Paul D'souza
on Wednesday, January 15, 2014