The first interest was with the word ‘market’ and the main relation which holds or bonds people in one place: shopkeeper and buyer! People visit market to buy stuff they need and carry their home! When I thought of Mapusa market, I thought of this function and this could be a way that the periphery of the place/market will stretched as people carry an object which was a part of the market with them!

I did majored the core area of Mapusa market and I made a single thread flower string with most common flower called ‘Kakra’ which was 200 meter long. My performance was to meet the shop keeper from that circle and people who is there to do shopping to give them a piece of the flower string as it conveys the sense that ,they carrying a piece of  the size of the market with them! ‘Kakra’ is the most common flower which I used here.

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It had a sense that, being an outsider I am welcoming the shop keepers and buyers in the market by offer a small piece of that whole string of flower. The purpose of transferring the whole long string of flower from one basket to the other signifies the process of ‘buying and selling/ empting and filling ’! It definitely included almost all age grouped people but mostly old ladies who come every day to the market to sell things!




Created by
Sharmistha Kar
on Monday, January 6, 2014