Fruity Forms

One early morning I went to mapusa market, to see how the otherwise bustling marketplace would feel in the morning without all of the hubbub that is found in the day and evenings. The trash collectors were busy cleaning the leftovers from yesterday, the sweepers cleaning the streets and the shopkeepers, coolies shifting loads and vendors busy setting up shop. There was a busy quiet around the whole market, I went around the fruit market and saw a fruit vendor, arranging his mangoes in a neat stack, one by one he was stacking a pile in a geometrical pattern, there was something very meditative about the way he was doing this, I looked up and saw thats what all of the other guys are busy doing too. These temporary stacks of fruit and vegetables are a silent sales pitch, they are arranged in such piles to attract the eye, but as an activity it seemed like the vendor was enjoying doing this, the way he handled the each fruit with such care was beautiful to see. I took a series of photographs showing these fleeting little castles of fruit that are stack up and taken down every day. Oranges, Chikoos, Mangoes, etc. are arranged in a tetrahedron. Potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, carrots etc. are arranged like bricks in a wall.

Created by
Stanzin Shamshu
on Wednesday, January 15, 2014