Busy Hands A video sketch

The short video sketch, shows 6 different people, using their hands to do their work in the market. 

  1. It starts off with an old lady who sells local vegetables and while she waits for a customer, she is busy making king size bidis(traditional Indian cigarettes).
  2. Moving on to one of the many goan fresh spice(as opposed to dry spices) selling ladies who sells kokam, coconut oil, coconuts, goan limes, sea salt, she is busy shelling kokam while she awaits customers, and takes the time to tell me about her technique.
  3. The third segment shows a moving gujarati sales woman who walks around the market all day selling Gajras(flowers to adorn hair) and makes chains using metal beads and copper wire she is skilled at making this and moves around the market busy making, 
  4. Moving on an old man is busy dusting his oranges with a rag and neatly arranging them into tetrahedrons so they are presentable and so he can sell them in lots of 5
  5. Continuing, a young boy of around 11 makes a sale of 10 oranges neatly arranged in a tetrahedron format, he then stacks up a new pile of oranges in the empty space.
  6. The film ends with another moving salesman selling a traditional geometric toy(this wire toy can be found all over india) and very quickly does his sales demo showing the various forms that are possible.
Created by
Stanzin Losal
on Thursday, January 9, 2014
Team Members:
Stanzin Losal,